“Amsterdam cycling advocate Marjolein de Lange regales us with this tale from 2006 about how cyclists came up with a very simple solution (draw bike box outlines directly on the pavement!) to better organize the chaotic, random bike parking outside of a popular supermarket which is used by many blind patrons, physically challenged individuals and seniors. It’s so simple and shows how sometimes engineers might over think a simple solution to a problem.

Marjolein tells us these are now common in many shopping areas in Amsterdam and other cities. Although I will add one comment: this also only works well in cities where nearly all the bikes do have kickstands.”



“British Cycling was in attendance at the fourth of the conferences, which took place in Manchester Town Hall yesterday, featuring a day of speeches and interactive workshops aiming to show how Dutch politicians and planners have succeeded in building high cycling levels with public support and consider how this can be achieved in Manchester.

Speakers at the conference included public health consultant Dr Nick Cavill and a number of Dutch transport planning experts including Marjolein de Lange, leader of the Dutch Embassy’s ‘Think Bike’ project together and Wim van der Wijk, a traffic engineer at Royal Haskoning DHV.